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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Training

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Training at kbs Tutorial

KBS Training Institute is giving online training all over the world like India, USA, UK, Dubai, SAUDI ARABIA, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, NEWZELAND, AUSTRALIA and etc. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM takes care of client satisfaction and loyalty for further business growth and sustenance of business elaboration, and that is why experts with MS Dynamics CRM specialization has broad demand in business management trade.KBS Training Institute conducts awesome online training for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Training is mostly attended by on job experts who can engage the course at their flexi time from home. The course is directed by industry expert professional thus it meets best industry standard of training and grooming.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Training online course

MSCRM Basics
·         MSCRM Introduction
·         MSCRM Architecture, Layers and Technology
·         MSCRM Basic Navigations
·         Accounts, Contacts , Activities

Sales & Marketing Management
·         Lead Management
·         Opportunity Management
·         Product Management
·         Campaign Management
·         Marketing List Management
·         Quotes, Order, Invoice Management
·         Competitors and Goal Management
·         Sales Literature and Marketing Materials

Service Management
·         Case Management
·         Service Management
·         Contract Management
·         Knowledge Base Article Management

Business Management
·         Fiscal Year, Business Closures
·         Goal Metrics
·         Facilities and Equipment’s
·         Queue management (Configuring POP3, SMTP, Gmail)
·         Resource Group
·         Quota, Sales Territories, Site Management
·         Subjects, Connection & Relationship Roles.

·         System Settings, Server Settings
·         Business Unit, Security Roles creations.
·         Field Security Profiles
·         Team, User Creation
·         Access and Privileges
·         Auto Numbering, Languages Settings

Database Management
·         Data Imports
·         Data Maps
·         Templates of Data Imports
·         Duplicate Detection Settings, Rules, Jobs
·         Bulk Deletion

Customization& Solutions
·         Customization of System Entity, Custom Entity
·         Entity Creation, Attribute Creations
·         Form Creation, Section, Tabs, I frames,
·         Relationship (1:N, N:1, N:N)
·         Views creation
·         Templates creation (Email, Contract, KB)
·         Understanding Solutions
·         Import & Export Customization

Document Management
·         Document Management
·         Share point Document Locations
·         Components Management

Report Management
·         Dashboard Creations
·         Customizing Reports

Import and Exports of Reports

Customizing RDL files with Business Intelligence Studio (Basic)

Goal Management
·         Goal Audit Settings
·         Entity and Field Audit Settings
·         Audit Log Management
·         Audit Summary

Workflow Creations
·         Process Creations
·         Process Triggers, Loops, Branch, Chain
·         Process Export, Import and Publish
·         Workflow Rules

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